In accordance with Law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society and electronic commerce, these provisions regulate the use of the service of the Internet domain (hereinafter, the web or www.rodriguezrosa.comcuyo owner and responsible is :


CIF: B96012125

Address: JUAN JOSE LLORCA 10 B 46450 Benifaio-Valencia

City: Valencia

Zip/Postal Code: 46450

Province: Valencia

and whose activity and corporate purpose is : the sale of environmental protection products and disinfectants.

Access to the website is free of charge except for the cost of connection through the telecommunications network provided by the access provider contracted by users.

(c) Reproduction, duplication, redistribution and/or commercialization, in whole or in part, of the contents of the web site www.rodriguezrosa.com is prohibited, except with the prior written consent of www.rodriguezrosa.com.

The use of the web site implies the acceptance of all the conditions included in this Legal Notice. The provision of the web service is limited to the time when the user is connected to the web or any of the services provided through it. Therefore, the User must carefully read this Legal Notice each time he/she intends to use the Web, as this and its conditions of use contained in this Legal Notice may be subject to change.

The mentioned Web has been elaborated to make known and to allow the access to the information contained in it, with the restrictions and limitations that impose the present General Conditions as well as to allow and to make possible the access to other pages with which the Web of www.rodriguezrosa.com has commercial, professional relations or of any other nature.

The mere use of the web, attributes to whoever makes use of it, the condition of User (hereinafter -User-). If the option to register is available (form of personal data and access codes) will be attributed the condition of registered User and if the option to subscribe is available (e-mail subscription) will be attributed the condition of subscribed User, who in all cases declares to know and accept without reservation or exception, each and every one of the General Conditions set out in this document.

Through the web of www.rodriguezrosa.comse it will facilitate to all the Users and Registered Users the possibility of accessing to the contents, services and other information concerning the social object of the present entity, noting the possible existence of certain services and areas (online training) only available for Registered Users and/or for subscribed users, in which case the User will be warned of it. These conditions of use constitute the entire agreement between the parties both in access and use as well as in relation to possible online transactions between www.rodriguezrosa.comy its customers.

www.rodriguezrosa.comestá is empowered to unilaterally modify each and every one of the obligations set forth in these General Conditions of Use, without prior notice. It is also empowered to restructure, modify or delete any information, service or content included in the website, without prior notice. The modification of any of the present general conditions for a particular case will only be valid when it has been collected in writing and signed by the legal representatives of each party.



Through the address located in www.rodriguezrosa.com.com, any user will be able to access free of charge to the information contained in the mentioned WEBSITE.

The conditions of access to the web are subject to the legal dispositions in force at every moment as well as to the principles of good faith and lawful use on the part of the User, being prohibited expressly and strictly any type of action that could go in detriment or damage of the Web or of third parties.

The web does not require prior subscription or registration for simple navigation, or for access or use of some web services. On the contrary, it is possible that for the access and use of certain contents and services of the web, the previous subscription or the corresponding registration as user and/or client is required. These services or contents that require registration or subscription for their access or use will be accompanied by the corresponding notice of the need for registration or subscription. As far as the treatment of personal data is concerned, see the Privacy Policy of www.rodriguezrosa.com.


In accordance with the above, www.rodriguezrosa.comse reserves permission to access some of the Services or sections offered through the web, now or in the future, and may require for access to the condition of registered User, a condition that in this case may be obtained by completing the corresponding User registration form that www.rodriguezrosa.compondrá available to Users who wish to do so.

In case there is a User Registration on the web, the User agrees to select, use and keep his user name or -login- and his password or -password- (hereinafter and jointly the -Access Keys-) in accordance with the provisions of the following clauses.

Likewise, www.rodriguezrosa.comse reserves the permission to access or use some of the Services of the web, now or in the future, being able to demand for its access the condition of Subscribed User, condition that in this case will be able to be obtained by means of the insertion of the e-mail of the user in the corresponding box of subscription of Users that www.rodriguezrosa.compondrá to disposition of the Users that thus wish it.

Veracity of the data

By completing these forms, subscription boxes or similar tools, the USER acknowledges that the data provided are obtained directly from the user, truthful and true, agreeing to notify www.rodriguezrosa.com, any changes or modifications that occur in them.


The assignment of the Access Keys occurs by choice of the User himself, being the only criterion used for this purpose, the lack of previous Access Keys that were identical to those of another User.

The activation of the passwords will be automatic or will need to be validated by www.rodriguezrosa.com, depending on the areas of access or services to use, in any case this will be determined by www.rodriguezrosa.comy of all this the user will be informed.


The User undertakes to make a lawful and diligent use of the Access Keys, as well as not to make available to third parties their Access Keys.

The User undertakes to inform the Webmaster of www.rodriguezrosa.coma as soon as possible of the loss or theft of the Access Keys as well as any risk of access to them by a third party.

The Access Keys can only be used by the Users to whom they have been assigned. www.rodriguezrosa.comqueda exonerated of any type of responsibility that can be accrued by the damages caused or suffered by the fraudulent use or lack of diligence in the guard and custody of the Access Keys, loss or use contravening the arranged thing in these General Conditions.

The User undertakes to make a lawful, diligent, honest and correct use of any information or content accessed either through the website www.rodriguezrosa.como of third parties previously provided by www.rodriguezrosa.comy all under the principles of good faith and with respect at all times to the law.

The User shall refrain from obtaining, except for personal use, any information (understood by information as any message, sound files, photographs, drawings, software and in general any kind or type of computer file, graphic etc..) that is owned by the web.

Likewise, the User acquires the commitment not to maliciously or intentionally cause damage or harm that may undermine or alter the website itself, as well as not to introduce or disseminate the so-called computer viruses that may cause unauthorized alterations to the contents or systems comprising the website. The acquired commitment is to be governed by the use of the contents in accordance with the provisions of the law, morality and public order; not to copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, transform or modify the contents without prior written consent of www.rodriguezrosa.como person delegated by this.

In this regard, www.rodriguezrosa.comse exonerates of any type of failure or computer virus introduced by third parties.

To comply with all the requirements set forth in relation to intellectual, industrial and other similar property rights.


The main purpose of the website is to provide information on the catalog of environmental protection products and disinfection products available for online purchase.

The information provided ON THE WEBSITE should not be considered at any time neither complete nor exhaustive. www.rodriguezrosa.compor will try to the best of its ability to constantly update this information.

www.rodriguezrosa.commanifiesta that the service/product offered on the website corresponds to the description of the same. Nevertheless it is exonerated of responsibility for those assumptions in which by technical or human errors there were mistakes or variations between the images, the description and the price. It is also made clear that the photographs are merely indicative and there may be variations in terms of physical appearance but without undermining the integrity and performance of the service / product offered and / or requested.

www.rodriguezrosa.comse exonerates of the contents, information, opinions or comments disseminated through its website and is not responsible for the use that the user makes of this information.

3.- RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF WWW.drodriguezyrosa.com

www.rodriguezrosa.comresponderá only and exclusively of the services provided by itself and the contents directly originated by the web itself and identified with its corresponding copyright.

www.rodriguezrosa.comse undertakes to adopt the necessary means and measures to ensure security and privacy in communications. It will not be liable when the pertinent security measures adopted are violated by external agents.

www.rodriguezrosa.comno will not be responsible, not even indirectly or subsidiarily, for any content, information, opinion or statement of any kind, which originates from the User or third parties or entities that have access, transmit, communicate, process, display or sell such information to the website owned by www.rodriguezrosa.com.

www.rodriguezrosa.comse reserves the right to temporarily suspend the provision of the service without prior notice to the User, as long as it is necessary to carry out maintenance, updating or improvement of the service. It may also modify the conditions of access and or specific location of the content of the website, as well as prevent, restrict, block, delete or withdraw access to services to users when they do not make a lawful, honest and diligent use of the services provided on the website. In the same line it will be able to withdraw, block or restrict the use of the contents introduced by third parties that are illicit, racist, criminal, of apology of terrorism, violation of human rights, defamatory, pornographic, constitutive of swindle or in any other way that infringe the laws or applicable regulations either national or international.

www.rodriguezrosa.comno ensures the permanent availability and continuity of the website due to interruptions, failures, etc.. as well as not liable for damages that may be caused to users by computer viruses or external agents that third parties may deposit on the website or electronic documents and files stored on the computer system.

The Website makes available to Users certain tools such as tabs, buttons, banners, links or links that allow the User to access content or other sites related to the activity of the web or other different. The installation of these tools are ultimately intended to provide and facilitate navigation to the User, not being responsible www.rodriguezrosa.comde part websites to which the User accesses through your page, as far as the Right to Honor may affect and the information provided. For its part www.rodriguezrosa.comtratará as far as possible to check these hyperlinks, restricting, blocking or suspending these buttons when they violate the principle described in these General Conditions.


The totality of the contents accessed through the service provided by www.rodriguezrosa.comestán are subject to the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights of www.rodriguezrosa.como of third parties. Such content may not be used, duplicated, distributed, sold, exploited or otherwise for commercial purposes or not, without the prior written consent of the owner (www.rodriguezrosa.com).

Likewise www.rodriguezrosa.comserá responsible for the trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs that are incorporated in any part of the website and are owned by www.rodriguezrosa.com, as well as owner of all rights of intellectual or industrial property or as licensee thereof.

All the contents and integral parts of the website www.rodriguezrosa.comhan have been included in accordance with the principles of good faith, indicating that the information may come totally or partially from external sources to the entity itself, reason for which www.rodriguezrosa.comno is responsible in any way for the inaccuracy or non-updating of the contents shown.

On the contrary, all those contents coming from internal sources will be duly identified with their copyright. The entity reserves the right to make any change at any time without prior notice. All the contents included in the page coming from internal sources that carry their identifying sign of copyright, are the sole and exclusive responsibility of www.rodriguezrosa.com.


www.rodriguezrosa.complenamente aware of the use and treatment that should be given to personal data and under the existing legal regulations in this regard (RGPD, LOPD and LSSICE), has implemented within its organization a system to preserve the security, integrity and confidentiality of data considered as personal.

To this end, in addition to fully comply with each and every one of the requirements set forth in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016 and those set forth in Law 34/2002 LSSICE, guarantees a not only legal but also loyal use of personal data as well as an adequate system to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition set forth in the aforementioned Organic Law.

In accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy of www.rodriguezrosa.com, it is noted that any person may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, opposition by sending an e-mail to the address info@drodriguezyrosa.com.

In this regard see Privacy Policy of the Web www.rodriguezrosa.com.


The present General Conditions are subject to Spanish legislation, which will be applicable in relation to their validity, interpretation, execution and fulfillment. All discrepancies, claims and disputes with respect to the foregoing shall be resolved by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration of Valencia to whose rules shall be submitted. Said Award shall be made by three arbitrators appointed in accordance with said rules. . If the arbitration does not take place by mutual agreement or is declared null and void, both parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Valencia, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction if any other.

The User declares that he/she has read, knows and accepts these General Conditions of Use-Access in their entirety.

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